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We Are Committed To Quality

MindCrawller Global believes in the unique Biosphere of user and service provider who value time and commitment.  Our team is of experts having experience of a lifetime and young innovative brains, which balances the timeline and quality of our deliverables. 

We Are Committed To Timeline

MindCrawller Global is a Biosphere of user and service provider.  Our team is of experts having experience of a lifetime and young innovative brains, which balances the timeline and quality of our deliverables.









Our Core Services

MindCrawller Global is a LifeSciences/Pharmaceutical market research consulting company.

Global Market Research

Global Market Research

We have a global presence with our wide network of Associates to help our clients
Multiple Language Support

Multiple Language Support

We do moderation and transcription in the local language for the quality of work.
Survey Programming

Survey Programming

We can program simple to complex and conjoint surveys on the most advanced programming tools available. 

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Our Works

To brief our achievements; In the last 4 years, we have delivered 102 Primary study projects and 214+ secondary studies across the globe
We worked in Oncology majorly covering Pancreatic cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Breast Cancer, Duodenal Cancer, Lung & Oesophageal Cancer, etc; ILD, IPF, Nephrology; Ortho-implants scope, Opthalmology -POG surgeries shunts and AMD data accumulation/mapping; Cardiology- in India, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, and Singapore. We have a huge global database of Medical practitioners/KOls/Shining stars, reimbursement experts.
We can help you with both Asian and Global projects.

Our global support

How we can work on all research needs?

MindCrawller Global, an independent market research consulting company, based in India & satellite offices in Germany, France, South Africa, UK, and the US. We also have reached other geographies like China, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, and Mexico. We have a team that adds the experience of more than 8 years in the Healthcare domain, as consultant/ collaborative partner/ regular vendor/associates with research consulting and top pharmaceutical/Biotech and Healthcare companies.

Our excellent accountable team, who can handle the projects from start to end with our huge global database of Medical practitioners/KOLs/Shining stars, reimbursement experts. We have in-house/associates for linguists for Spanish, Italian, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Arabic language support. We have experienced programmers with the license of Qualtrics/Sawtooth, survey gizmo for simple to complex programming needs.

  • Qualitative Research: Questionnaire designing, recruiting respondent, multilingual moderation of Face-to-face interview, telephonic/web interview.
  • Quantitative Research: Research material formulation, Programming of Questionnaire,   result outcome presentation in the advanced algorithm of charts and pies for easy understanding. 
  • Multilingual support in translation and transcription.

Our Team

We have an experienced team, who can handle the projects from start to end.

Purnima Singh

Research Director

Natasha Stien

Research Manager

Dilip Singh

Medical Director

Urska Hysek

Project Manager

Satisfied Clients

We feel on top of the world after every project will complete with delligence and commitment.

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